The low cost environment presented by AERO NAV LABORATORIES offers
compelling advantages where prototype manufacturing and small lot fabrication and
assembly is required.

Prototypes are advanced releases of a product prior to manufacture. The purpose of
prototype fabrication is to verify a new concept or design. The verification may include
developmental and/or functional testing. Furthermore, these tests will help in the
preparation of firm specifications for the production units.

Prototypes may be different from the eventual production units in several ways, such
as the following:
  • Often times prototypes are manufactured out of different materials than would
be found in the final product. This occurs because sometimes the processes
needed to manufacture the intended production materials would be too costly to
be practical. If this is the case then an appropriate substitute material with similar
properties may be used.
  • When manufacturing processes for a product require intensive tooling or time
consuming methods of production, a compromise may be sought so that the
prototype could be constructed relatively quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Sometimes prototypes may not require the precision which is needed in the final
product, and thus relatively low fidelity parts may be sufficient to demonstrate the
required purpose of the prototype. Since prototypes are very often modified
before arriving at the final production item, it may be helpful to minimize the
effort and labor needed to manufacture a prototype in the early stages of design.

The AERO NAV LABORATORIES facility and our personnel are well suited for
fabrication and assembly projects that may be beyond the technical, financial,
scheduling, or man-power capabilities of our customers. AERO NAV is available for
your service at any stage of your product's development process.
Engineering design
input of various types may be provided, parts can be procured or fabricated, and final
assembly could be completed at our facility. Furthermore, any necessary testing could
be performed by AERO NAV LABS, thus minimizing total development time while
increasing cost-effectiveness.

The laboratory’s extensive familiarity with the
fabrication and assembly of items
required for test equipment setups, in-house and custom-designed fixtures, and
instrumentation installations, serves to provide customers with a highly experienced
and skillful resource in a cost-effective engineering service framework.

An example of a portion of the laboratory’s capability is seen in the photograph of our
welding setup. The photograph shows the fabrication of a fixture design required for
the mounting of a test unit to be subjected to shock testing.

AERO NAV LABORATORIES recently completed an integrated assembly and test
program for a NY situated defense and aerospace supplier. The project consisted of
assembling valve and cover assemblies using components supplied by the contracting
firm, and subsequently performing functional and environmental testing. This
sequential approach has proven to be of significant value. The responsibility for
assembling the units allowed the laboratory to perform any adjustments or
modifications in the event of deficiencies during testing. The more common and least
efficient, i.e., more costly means, is to return the units under test to the customer for
rework of deficiencies, and subsequent return to the laboratory for retesting.

The net result of this approach, to do assembly and testing sequentially in the
laboratory, is to reduce costs for the customer while shortening the program time frame.
It also assists the customer where they may not have the necessary capability to do the
required tasks.
Fabrication of Shock Test fixture
Fabrication of fixture for a unit to be subjected to shock test
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